It was back in 1962 that boucherie HEINEN relocated from Malmedy town centre to Champ de l’Abby to set up an Ardennes charcuterie studio there.

Up to the 1990s the HEINEN family made quality ardennes products there.

After the takeover of activities by an industrial group the activity would be abandoned before finding a second wind following the acquisition of the site in 2000 by Jean-Luc DEROANNE and André DENIS, respectively a traditional butcher and veterinary surgeon.

Together they created les Salaisons de Haute Ardenne (SDHA) where they develop salted and cured ardennes meat products (of the salaison type). They work together with la Salaison des Blancs Moussis in Stavelot, specialist in the production of cooked meat products since 1958.

In 2003, in Malmedy, they created a production line for uncooked slicing sausage, while the production of cooked products was moved to Verviers after acquisition of the company VANDEBEECK.

In 2011 the production of uncooked and cooked products was grouped at the Malmedy site after leaving the sites in Stavelot and Verviers. The tool was now finished, the story could now continue! 

In 2015 the slicing sausage also obtained the label "Saucisson d’Ardenne IGP" (Ardennes Sausage PGI).

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is based on old recipes inherited from traditional butchers in our region. Over the years scientific expertise and the search for impeccable health quality have further improved the butcher's art.

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Our values rest on the respect of time-honoured recipes in the quest for a quality product. A good product reflects patience and tradition according to the requirements of our loyal and demanding clientele. Improvement of the quality of our products and respect of the environment are central to the evolution that we pursue.

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Social - economic - environmental
Use of local facilities is preferred in the production of our wares. Traceability is everywhere.
We aim at well-being at work for all our personnel.
The installation of 1 200 solar panels allows us to generate about one quarter of our electricity consumption. Grazing sheep keep the site tidy.

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Our hams and sausages are certified "Indication Géographique Protégée" or IGP, by the European Union. We have had the IFS (International Featured Standard) certification to our name for some years now, and part of our production is organic.

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