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Rue Martin Legros 30, 4960 Malmedy, Belgique
Salaisons de malmedy

Since 1958 "LES SALAISONS DE MALMEDY" has been developing salt-cured raw ardennes hams and sausages and a wide range of cooked prepared meat products.

Our production includes the Jambon d'Ardenne PGI, Saucisson d'Ardenne PGI, Collier d'Ardenne PGI, Pipe d'Ardenne PGI, nut sausages, herb sausages, pepper sausages, hot pepper sausages, farmhouse sausages, delicatessen varieties of cooked meat products and an extensive range of organic products. Our values rest on the respect of time-honoured recipes in the quest for a quality product.

A good product reflects patience and tradition according to the requirements of our loyal and demanding clientele. The improvement of the quality of our products and respect of the environment are central to the evolution that we pursue.

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